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Porolissum, the northernmost bastion in the Roman Empire in Dacia Province turns the time 2.000 years back. Porolissum a unique bastion in Northern Transylvania and within the country, with a total area of 500 ha, it stands as a huge open air museum and a landmark of Salaj as touristic spot of local, regional and even European interest.

Various events held at Moigrad – Porolissum provide the change to turn back time, back in 106 A.D., and to see on the Roman road: legions of soldiers, demonstrations of fights, and to taste traditionally Roman cooked food. Built in wood at first, the Roman arena from Porolissum, in 157 A.D., on the order of emperor Marcus Aurelius, it was subsequently built in stone. The arena from Porolissum exceeds the one of Ulpia Traiana – the Capital of Dacia – built by emperor Traianus, it can hold excellent open air film projections or unforgivable concerts!

Not anyone can reach Porolissum. Be among the chosen ones!