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Porolissum, the northernmost bastion in the Roman Empire in Dacia Province turns the time 2.000 years back. Porolissum a unique bastion in Northern Transylvania and within the country, with a total area of 500 ha, it stands as a huge open air museum and a landmark of Salaj as touristic spot of local, regional and even European interest.

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Roman Days Festival 2007

The Roman Days International Festival took place at Porolissum by 17th of June. This year edition gathered both national and international artists.


Roman Days Festival 2006

During the festival, the 15th Legion Apollinaris performed several fight and archery shows. Moreover, at Porolissum there used to take place Roman horse and carriage “fights” and as well as a military parade of the soldiers in the legion. The medieval Knights from Media? and Familia Gladiatoria Pannonica also took part in the fight shows,.


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