Alege Limba:


The Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre of Porolissum is one of the largest public buildings in the Roman Dacia. The Amphitheatre from Porolissum was initially built in wood during Emperor Hadrian then it was demolished and rebuilt in stone by 157 A.D. with the indirect support of emperor Antoninus Pius.


In the Amphitheatre from Porolissum there used to be held shows on various events: gladiator fights (munera), animal hunt (venatio), stunts, mythological scientific games, or even public executions. The right to hold events was given to certain important settlements by the decision of the senate in Rome.

  • Size of the building: 84.50 x 73.70 m
  • Size of the arena: 66.50 x 51.20 m
  • Capacity: approx. 5500 spectators.
  • The components of the building: A-arena, B-stand, C-main gate (porta pompae), D-access gate, E,F-official lodge and extensions, G-lodge, H-subterranean room with an access hall, I-sanctuary dedicated to goddess Nemesis, the goddess of justice, righteousness and also protector in dangers and fights (mainly popular with militaries and gladiators), J-room under the lodge with individual access.